How To Make Your Code Better with Refactor School, Free Episode 1

I’m going to publish another series of videos from Learn Code Live where I refactor one of the student’s code.  This code is exactly what he was expected to do when going through Learn Python The Hard Way, so really nothing wrong with it.  But, I took his code and pushed it as far as I could toward “professional”.  This series is 4 videos and you can watch the first one here:

Or, you can view it on directly.

What is Refactor School?

One aspect of learning to code for a beginner is learning how to “speak” like a “real programmer”.  Normally they pick this up by either working at a job where people correct their code, or hanging out with other programmers online.  Many students though don’t have the time or luxury of those situations, so I do that for them live.  I find a volunteer, and I improve their code over the course of 2-4 sessions taking it as far as I can go.  I treat the sessions in much the same way I would if I was teaching a junior developer on the job, so you can watch this and get some idea of what that might be like.

If you are a beginner and you have some code you’d like to volunteer to refactor school then message me on the forum and we’ll talk about it.  I’m looking for volunteers and I’ll give you the videos with my refactoring in exchange for you letting me review and repair your code.  The process is not abusive or overly critical, and it’ll help you see how I might write your code.

If you do have code, make sure that it at least works first, and that I can get it somehow.  It should also be relatively small, so maybe 3-10 files of Python code.  Other than that, let’s talk and work something out.