Python Basics Workshop on Sep 3rd, 2018

I’ve planned to run a Python Basics Workshop for about a month now, and wanted to do it on August 13th but it turns out to be way too early for most of the people in my Learn Code Live class.  It is also too early for me as I want to add a few more features to the LCLive product before then.

So today I’m moving the Python Basics Workshop to September 3rd so people have time to prepare for it and signup.   I’ve also created a separate product for people who only want to attend the Python Basics Workshop #1 and don’t want to signup for the 30 days of Learn Code Live.  If you want to get the 1 week of Python training only, then you can sign up for only that product.

What’s Python Basics Workshop?

The PBW is a firehose of Python for one week starting on September 3rd.  The goal is to get you through my entire Learn Python The Hard Way book at a fast pace but with my guidance helping you.  You’ll then be able to start the book over and get through it in more depth faster.  You can watch this starter video to find out more about how we’ll run it and what you’ll be doing.

What’s In The PBW Product?

Originally I intended to have people join my Learn Code Live product to get the Python Basics Workshop, but a lot of folks don’t want the 30 days of live coding just to learn Python.

So, you can signup for only the PBW for $29.99 and you’ll get the one week crash course only.  You’ll attend the PBW live and get to keep the recorded videos after, and help on the forum with everyone else.

If you sign up for Learn Code Live for $99.99 then you get the Python Basics Workshop included in your 30 days subscription, which includes 50+ hours of past videos I’ve recorded and a lot of other goodies like premium help on the forum, more live seminars every week, and new features I’m planning soon.

Feel free to email me at if you have questions.

Are There Sample Videos?

Yes, you can watch to get an idea of the kinds of topics and style of teaching in the Learn Code Live or Python Basics Workshop.  The workshop will be much more directed and controlled, and the LCLive topics get tailored to what people are struggling with in general.

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